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Are you looking for a reliable detective agency in Chandigarh to handle highly confidential matter that is of utmost importance to you and your family? Looking for investigation related to corporate detective services matrimonial detective, private detectives and individual detective service that will help you gather information about a person or a matter of your concern? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place we offer investigation services on all matters. We are known to provide highly professional experts with years of experience into looking, gathering information, physical investigation and reporting all the details of the matter to the client.

Our agency in Chandigarh provides customized plans for all your investigative needs and we ensure that our detective services in Chandigarh are delivered as per your requirements. We provide services that are result oriented and successful that entails investigation on corporate detective services, matrimonial detective, private detectives and any investigative reporting to the client as per their needs.

We provide highly confidential and secret investigation services to our clients as our detective agency in Chandigarh are aware that client needs clear communication and secrecy. Providing precise information and transparency with regards to the case and reporting, we are a highly reliable agency known for our best services amongst our long standing clients.

With our focused and target oriented approach we investigate minutest detail and thorough analysis and investigate the matter of concern with serious gravity of situation. Our client oriented approach ensures that all the significant details related to the matter of your concern are provided as per client’s asking.

Highly professional private investigation is provided by our experts no matter what the issue is, our services entail but are not limited to matrimonial cases, corporate cases or any other investigation, pre- post marriage investigation in Chandigarh. Our reputation follows us as our clients boast of our best ever investigation agency in Chandigarh.

Taking personal interest in your matter and knowing how essential it is to you, we take the burden off your shoulders and do all the needful on your part to ensure you are given the right information related to person or case as per client’s asking.

With our proven track record, our agency is known to have bagged numerous awards for excellence in the field of private investigation as one of the top award winning detective agency in Chandigarh.




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What is Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. in Chandigarh known for?

Celebrating 25 years of long standing as a successful and highly sought after detective agency we are proud of our achievements and awards that have come our way proving us top notch detective agency known to provide accurate and confidential information to our clients.

Affordable Prices- Our pricing is affordable to our clients with straight forward approach and no hidden agenda. Precise Reports- Our expertise in private investigation is such that we always provide precise reports of the case to our client. Honesty- Our detective agency is client oriented and we adhere to the ‘Honesty is the best policy’ guideline. Success Oriented- We drive each case to its success and ensure that the outcome is always result oriented as per our client needs. Customized – We provide investigation as per the client needs, our plans for investigation are as per the client requirement. Targeted Approach- We approach each case with full attention as it is targeted as high priority for our agents. Detail Oriented- We never miss out on any detail, daily reporting, essential details included, details of person and case are all included when we take up a case for investigation.

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Personal Investigation Services

You want us to follow or provide information about an individual we do it with utter confidentiality and expertise.

Corporate Investigation Services

Our agents are well versed with investigation and providing full information on business/ business partner, corporate or any financial related services including their market standing, you choose and we deliver the investigation service as per your requirement.

Matrimonial Investigation

We dig out all the details regarding a potential suitor or even a bride as per your choice, investigation about groom, bride, family, financial status and background all are provided by us.

Investigation Services

We use advance and modern tools and equipment that are utilized in our investigative services to ensure perfection in our services.

Forensic Services

Our team of highly qualified professional detectives are capable of handling and driving successful outcome to cases that involve deception, forgery, extortion, hoax, scam and blackmail, we do our best to serve in the best possible way to our client.

Cybercrime Investigation

Our experts are well equipped to follow all the IT protocols and help client with cyber security and crime related issues with perfect solution.

Why are we famous?

Indian Detective Agency Pvt Ltd. award winning detective agency in Chandigarh is registered with the Government of India that ensures our high performance and legal standing as investigating agency.

Our 100% accurate result oriented and proven track record investigative services regarding any issue is known to provide successful outcome to any case no matter how complicated or difficult it may be.

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Best Detective Agency in Chandigarh, India providing you detailed information

With our high repute that follows us and our clients speaking of our well delivered private investigation, we are leading in all kinds of security solutions in Chandigarh.

We grant top notch detective services to our clientele in Chandigarh by helping them resolve and find viable solution to sensitive issues that entail privacy, security of information and in-depth investigation as required by our client whether for personal or corporate cases alike.

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Are you looking for dedicated and authentic detective services in Chandigarh, India? Then look no further and get in touch with us, for a FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION

Our first meeting and consultation is free of cost:

• We provide first thirty minute free consultation as our client visit our office.
• We ensure that your case is heard in full confidentiality between our agency and client.
• We do not charge for first time consultation as you share all the details of case with us.
• We offer no-judgement environment to our client.
• We do not ask for any hidden charges nor that is our intention ever.
• We provide a personal agent to the case to ensure that the case is followed in the best manner on priority.

All the inquiries by our client are handled well by our investigation agents and our group of investigators who will provide the client with solutions, listening ear and guarantee the best outcome of the case as per the scenario discussed with full understanding to the case.

Our professional agents are always at the service of the client as per client comfort we have a mixed team of male and female agents that are capable in investigating domestic as well as international cases.

We assign a case worker to the case to ensure that all the routine information and reporting is done perfectly and provided to the client on their asking.

Privacy and honesty are the important pillars on which we have constructed the foundation of our agency that ensures that perfect connection is established with the client that will entail all the details of the case including all the essential piece of information at each stage of the case.

Since 25 years to the inception of our agency in investigation services, we are known to provide immaculate services to our clients with full trust and confidence with regard to the case to our clients.

Since the starting of the case itself, we are known to offer immaculate investigative assistance to our clients and drive each case to its result oriented successful outcome.

Knowing the significance of client secrecy and confidentiality, we guarantee that no information about the case will at any point breach the confidentiality agreement as per the understanding among us and the client.

We are hell-bent on providing quality that serves as the basic point with regards to serving our clients with the best when it comes to investigation of a case.

Our understanding that each client and each case is unique in nature and it requires to be managed in a different manner with different approach, we do our best in this matter and render private detective services after full analysis of the situation/ case at hand.

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Private Detective Services

Having doubts about your potential groom or bride?

Looking to investigate into a cheating partner?

Suspect that your partner is not being honest with you?

Having doubts regarding their actions and words in your relationship?

If your answer is yes, then look no further, you need our agency that is known to handle such cases in Chandigarh with sheer expertise, our highly qualified private investigation on such complicated and stressful matter is our forte. We are experts in getting in-depth reports and results as per your requirements.

We are known to drive numerous cases to its successful outcome as our highly renowned detective services provided in Chandigarh are known for delivering reliable source of information and investigative services.

We will provide you with much required detailed information on person (bride/ groom) of your interest. The information will be delivered with full confidentiality; we will even ensure providing you the report of their daily activities and whereabouts, dealings and other such things. We offer you with their family background checks, current insurance status and personal interest related to the individual in full secrecy and all the detail is furnished to our clients on their asking.

We are experts in utilizing different investigative tactics like undercover/ sting operations, enquiry on divorce cases, providing missing person information and even daily reporting of details on any individual our client is seeking investigation on.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

We are experts in providing details regarding potential partner to help you decide if the choice is right and should you go ahead with the wedding or not.

Divorce Case Investigation

Gathering all the vital information of the individual related to the case in divorce case is done by our experts.

Missing Person Investigation

We ensure all the vital details are provided to resolve such issues by our agents.

Undercover Operations

Our agents work undercover to dig up information at any cost for our clients.

Sting Operations

We use a complete investigative approach, utilizing latest technological tools and advance techniques for a successful outcome.

Static Watch

We ensure that all the significant details are all taken care of by our investigative experts and we keep a close eye on the individual in question.

Corporate Detective Services

Our detective agency at Chandigarh is known to deliver exceptionally immaculate and professional corporate detective services that are apt in providing the client with all the detailed reports that comprises of financial reports, their routine activities (ethical/ unethical transactions) information on the directors of a company, market/ financial reputation, current corporate status, company/ business turnover, everything as per the client to ensure client security and satisfaction, we are readily providing it through our investigation.

Our agency is highly reliable when it comes to delivering perfect corporate detective services. Following are the detailed services we provide in this regard:

Pre-Employment Investigation

Investigating cases that will be providing background check and referral check potential employee/ recruit you are about to hire or are in the process of hiring to ensure you hire a perfect candidate for your company.

Asset Verification

We provide and readily deliver any verification of a person or a company’s asset providing with all the information in the matter at a cost-effective pricing.

Due Diligence

Checking and fact checking every essential and even minute piece of vital information with our analytical investigative approach through the application of advance tools ensuring complete due diligence is carried out with best measure.

Post-Employment Investigation

If a client asks information for an x employee/ business associate and their whereabouts, current status and their routine activities; our professional investigation is always readily available.

Bug Sweeps

We are a complete experts in easily detecting physical, visual and electronic bugs within/ around, inside or surrounding area close premises of your property whether commercial or private to your full privacy and for your satisfaction / security is carried out with precision.

Insurance & Fraud Investigation

Our professional and qualified detectives are highly capable and experts in cracking fraud cases, resolving insurance related issues that are handled easily by our team of professional investigators.

Confidentiality Assurance

Keeping up with privacy with client on matter of their interest in regards to exploring a case or an individual is where we are exceptionally dependable in our services. With confidentiality assured, our experts can keep up with most extreme client security and guarantee that the data is between both the parties as discussed and as guaranteed knowing it to be an instance of exceptionally delicate matter.

Insurance & Fraud Investigation
Discrete & Confidential

100% Target Oriented

We guarantee that our full consideration is given to the situation/ case that we take up furnishing an objective and focused approach with full personal thoughtfulness that guarantee the case arrives at an effective result through the use of various demonstrated/best insightful practices utilizing the best investigative means possible.

Transparent Pricing


Guaranteeing full straightforwardness with our client and even while delivering our services we leave no question unanswered, giving all the data as we accumulate essential pieces of information on our way continuing with our investigation. Also, we never deploy insidious means or clandestine goals keeping it all straightforward and as clear as could really be expected.

Result Driven Approach

Cost Effectiveness

We guarantee that our costing will suit your pocket and you can undoubtedly bear the cost of our financially savvy services with regard to the investigations delivered by our agency.

There are no secret charges or any such means to extricate cash from our client, as we guarantee that everything is according to our client fulfillment with practically no questions and with full clearness all along.

Are You Ready To Have A Confidential Discussion ?

FAQ's About our Private Detective Services

1. What are the services provided by you in investigation?
We provide Private, Corporate, Matrimonial, Cybercrime and Forensic investigation and services to our clients.

2. I would like you to keep my case a secret, is that possible?
We ensure complete client privacy and security of all the information shared with us, we keep it all a secret.

3. I would like to discuss the case with you, what are your charges for first time visit?
First discussion is free. Case discussion with our client without any upfront fee is provided by us initially where you can discuss the details of your case with us.

4. Can you provide personal information if we ask your agency about a particular individual?
We provide private investigation as per client asking and their need as required. Our process of Personal monitoring we ensure all the details are furnished to our client.

5. Can your agency handle investigation on a bride or groom background/ family, etc.?
We provide matrimonial investigation pre- marital and post-marital investigation services that includes full and detail information on potential bride or groom of your choice to ensure that you get the complete picture.

6. What ensures that your agency is reliable and reputable?
We have a reputable standing of 25 years in the investigative services, our reputation precedes our high clientele boasting of our immaculate detective services.

7. Do you provide investigation services in Chandigarh too?
We are located in all the major cities including Chandigarh and you can easily contact us for a location near you.

8. Will you handle my case on priority?
With full personal focused and target oriented approach, we ensure that each client and case is personally handled by a case manager to your case to handle the details.

9. Will I be able to afford your services?
We provide cost-effective pricing without any hidden charges. We ensure all the clarity and transparency regarding the pricing is provided to our client.

10. Do you provide corporate investigation?
We provide in-depth information on company, corporate, business/ associate of your choosing, their financials, turnovers, market value, market standing, their dealings (fair/unfair), their daily activities and a lot more in corporate investigation on your asking.

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